Private Dining

Kian has a firm belief that dining concepts should be yours to play with. Why should we limit ourselves to one mood, one place or formalised menu? A world-class eating experience can come to you, headed by a chef who knows how to stun with every course. 


For a truly different dining experience, explore Kian’s private catering services. From family get-togethers to glitzy parties, this classically trained chef can tailor the menu and ingredients to your suit your palette. 

A Universal
Sense of Occasion

Have you met the chef yet? Kian has a broad repertoire that takes in cooking styles from around the world, including French, Middle Eastern and classic British dishes. He’s able to present rich, varied menu options that can match the theme and/or tastes of your event, bringing the best local ingredients to the table. 

Sample Old Favourites
and Find New Ones 

Whether you have a particular set of food and drink in mind, or you want to explore Kian’s special five-course tasters, there’s enough flexibility to give your guests the perfect impression. 

An Experienced
Set of Hands 

Do you have specific requests? No problem: by getting to know you and your plans well ahead of schedule, Kian can ensure your precise needs are met, from dietary requirements to presentation and format requests. Having worked at some of the most prestigious restaurants in the Europe, he’s well placed to advise on your event plan.


Weddings, birthdays, intimate family occasions… All can be made even more unforgettable with Kian’s cooking talents on-board! Bring him to your home – or the venue you’ve booked for the event – for a dining experience like no other.


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